Dr. Keysun Ranjbar

Dr. Keysun A Ranjbar is staff cardiologist at CK Hui Heart Centre and Sturgeon Hospital. He is Assistant Clinical Professor, at Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine at University of Alberta. He has fellowships in Interventional Cardiology and also Heart Failure from U of A, and holding American Board of Echocardiography and Level 2 Certification for Cardiac CT from Huston, TX. In clinical practice, Dr. Ranjbar has special interests in managing patients with HOCM, and Syncope.

Dr. Ranjbar is peer reviewer in Interventional Cardiology journals. He has had number of Publications and abstract presentations in Canadian and International cardiology papers and conferences.
He is actively involved in clinical research, and innovations in cardiovascular medicine. He was involved in the only and first Renal Denervation program in Western Canada, in CK Hui Heart Centre.
Dr Ranjbar is currently involved in starting the first Advanced Angina Clinic and EECP therapy in Edmonton at CK Hui Heart Centre.

Dr Ranjbar completed a Master of Science in ”Health Economics, Outcomes and Management in Cardiovascular Sciences” with Merit at London School of Economy (LSE) in 2019.

In 2019, Dr Ranjbar was awarded by Department of Medicine as “Teacher of the Year” in cardiology subspecialty.

As an innovator, Dr. Ranjbar is currently holding a patent on Percutaneous Mitral Valve Replacement Solution.